Vanessa Paradis for the first time getting married!

Ванесса Паради впервые выходит замуж!
Civil ex-wife Depp finally forgot johnny.

Vanessa Paradis and Samuel Benchetrit

In the life of Vanessa Paradis expected happy change: it became known that she
marry. About it reported the French newspaper “Le Figaro”. The wedding will take place in July. The ceremony will take place on the West coast
France, in the Department of Charente-Maritime. Exactly here
45-year-old Vanessa, who had never been married officially, will become law
wife of her boyfriend — Director and screenwriter Samuel Benchetrit.

The news that Vanessa began an affair with Benchetrit spread after the French
the paparazzi photographed them together in November 2016. They met on
film Chien,
where Paradis has played a major role. However, since in public they have been together for almost
not appear. And that Vanessa and Samuel
still together, all were able to confirm only after the summer
2017, reporters managed to track down the secretive couple: they rested
together on Il de Re —
island off the Atlantic coast of France.
Moreover, they were not alone, but with children. She is with 18-year-old daughter Lily-rose and 15-year-old
son Jack — from her ex
civil wife of johnny Depp. And Samuel — daughter of Sol, from his ex
girlfriend Anna Mouglalis.

Curiously, Anna is associated with a pair of Paradi-Beheri one more line: to her from Paradis
left her former boyfriend Benjamin Beale — the one that helped her to cope
with betrayal johnny Depp left Vanessa after 14 years of civil
marriage — for marriage to amber heard. With
where, however, he has long been divorced scandal.

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