Valery Nikolaev’s wife filed for divorce

Жена Валерия Николаева подала на развод
Another marriage of the actor lasted Yes.

Valery Nikolaev and Elmira Zemskova

Photo: “7 Days”

In the life of Valery Nikolaev continues
difficult period. Had not subsided the buzz surrounding the scandalous road accident with its
as fans of the stars of the film “burzhuj’s birthday” has a new reason to be upset. Artist
circus Elmira Zemskova left Nikolaev: we are not talking about another altercation,
the girl filed for divorce officially. However, what is happening is that upset
fans of Valeria. The actor himself admitted that he, on the contrary, happy soon divorce.

Earlier, the actor was married to Actresses
Irina Apeksimova and Lyubov Tikhomirova, and in addition, lived a civil marriage with
singer Tatyana Ovsienko and actress Daria Poverennova.

From February 2016 the name Valeria Nikolaev
constantly been at the hearing: at the end of the winter he spent 10 days in jail, where he was serving
administrative arrest. Before this the car of the actor has left on a strip of
oncoming traffic, to the demands of patrol Valery chose not to respond:
to detain the offender was only after chasing. It is alleged that
the star car rammed several other cars, including the car
employees of GAI.

the order even had to break the side glass of the vehicle Nikolaev:
get out of the car he refused.

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