Валерия Федорович: «Поддержка Кости Крюкова дорогого стоит!»
The star of “endless vacation” told about the work in the new series.

Валерия Федорович: «Поддержка Кости Крюкова дорогого стоит!»

Konstantin Kryukov, Valery Fedorovich

Photo: Press service of STS

Star of TV series “Kitchen” Valery Fedorovich, which
played a major role in the new series “Eternal vacation”, successfully launched on
CTC, told 7days.ru about who helped her on the set, and what her personal
preferences in travel.

— Valery, your partners on the site, probably, helped?

— Yes, they are amazing! Jan Tsapnik is a great person who is very
has a positive attitude towards young actors, and tells
directs. Very smart and lively artist! Kostya Kryukov me too
supported and inspired. If I something did not work and I was nervous, he
could I wink at you, to say a few nice words, and I calmed down. I think
it’s worth it.

— “Eternal vacation” — the story about love against the sea. And as a child you
read adventure novels about pirates?

— I will not say that he was a fan of such stories, but from the age of 12 I was reading
different, including, and “treasure Island” by Robert Louis Stevenson. I more
loved fantasy and stories about Moomin. In my opinion, such books
well develop your imagination.

— The name of the show suggests about the rest. You love
to travel?

— Love it! I’m a spontaneous person: come somewhere and
place decide where to go. For me the opportunity to get out into the great unknown
the country for a couple of days – already the tale. In my
case, the best plan may be no plan
(smiles). And the main ingredients of my perfect holiday is close
the people have a comfortable rest. We usually go with my husband this summer
with us was my friend. If you can choose sea or
mountains, I prefer first. True, you can lie on the sand a couple of
days and then I am drawn somewhere else (smiles).

— What museums do you love?

— Just this year in the Vienna Museum I was attacked by a fever (laughs).
We had five days, during which we visited a bunch of museums. And
here’s excursions never book: I like most all
to explore and learn.

— In which country you would like to come back?

— In Italy, particularly in Rome I would go again. Although
really little where I was, but still so much
just have to see. For Example, Berlin. I love
Europe, so long as its borders did not leave. But to Asian countries
am cool: I was in Vietnam and Indonesia, and that was enough.

— And if you choose a means of transportation,
than you stay with the plane, train or car?

— I fly by plane and then rent a car. If I don’t have
right, I can travel by train or use
another mode of transport. I remember the Soviet
the buses went to the grandmother in village. So I can’t get scared

— While savage tried to relax?

— I don’t care about comfort. Once we with the parents was an alloy
Baikal lived in tents, ate from bowls, slept in tents and
bathed in the waterfall. And it was a wonderful stay!

Konstantin Kryukov, Valery Fedorovich

Photo: Press service of STS

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