Настоящий герой: Хью Джекман спас детей на пляже в Сиднее

Actor Hugh Jackman has helped several people to escape from the strong currents during the sudden low tide at Bondi beach in Sydney.

Hugh Jackman (Hugh Jackman) often plays characters on-screen, but in real life is ready to help. At the end of March, the star of the Saga “X-Men” (X-Men) rested on the Bondi beach in Sydney, where he arrived for the premiere of his new film “Eddie “the eagle”” (Eddie the Eagle). Suddenly in the ocean formed during the demolition, which began to carry people. The actor kept his head and hurried to help.

“First he helped his 15-year-old son Oscar and then to other people. It was amazing,” said eyewitnesses.

Video of the incident also shows how the actor helps one of the men. Peter Adam (Peter Adam) later explained that he was trying to save 10-year-old daughter Ava Jackman (Ava). When Jackman arrived, and together they reached the shallows.

Now the Bondi beach is closed until conditions improve.

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