Певица Валерия освободилась от тяжелых воспоминаний The artist has let go of all the negativity from your life. In the new special project Valeria spoke about how she lived through family violence. Now she is happily married with Joseph Prigozhin.

      Певица Валерия освободилась от тяжелых воспоминаний

      Singer Valeria has appeared on stage in the early 90’s. a colorful performer with a powerful voice at once became a prominent person in the Russian show business. In 1993, she married producer Alexander Shulgin. Their marriage seemed ideal – together, they raised three children. However, she concealed from everyone that actually seemed for the well-being of hiding the brutal truth – she was subjected to domestic violence. About it she remembered in the special “the Heroine of our time” on TV channel “Home”.

      “If we proceed from the postulate “beats – it means love”, he probably loved me. But it was some kind of perverted and distorted the sense. Physically fighting with him was pointless: if only to go over the head and dumbbells to give. Such sinful thoughts came to mind, but faith kept me afloat,” recalls the singer.

      After the divorce, Valeria was able to find the strength to raise children and to continue creative activity, and to delight fans. Now, the artist is not to hold a grudge against her ex-husband, moreover, she was able to completely let go of the past and get rid of bad memories.

      “I didn’t have any pain. I have a feeling that everything that happened to me was just a bad dream or bad movie,” said Valeria.

      With current husband Joseph Prigogine Valeria really feels like a stone wall. Although at the beginning of their acquaintance could not imagine that their relationship will end in marriage. Joseph Prigogine also noted that he did not expect that someday you can love a person at first sight. Valeria was amazed that in just a month of communication will be so good to know other people.

      “He has done everything possible that I was with him. While I didn’t plan any romantic relationships and was fed up with producers up with. But his feelings were so brimming over that get them it was simply impossible. It was the ninth wave, which has covered my whole life and carried it in a completely different direction,” singer recalled in the special “Heroine of our time.”

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