Мама потратила $56 тысяч, чтобы стать как дочь

57-year-old resident of England has not stinted on plastic surgeons in the quest to be like your 36-year-old daughter.

Janet Horrocks became the heroine of the next plot show about the transformation through plastic surgery channel Barcroft TV, with an unusual heroine. In the story, which appeared on YouTube, Janet says that she desperately wanted to become just like his daughter Jane Cunliff: “I wanted this, because she is beautiful, I created it, and I liked the way it looks”.

When mom and daughter are mistaken for sisters, Janet feels on the seventh heaven: “In those moments, I really happy and realize that all this money is well spent”.

So Janet looked before the transformation.

But if her daughter’s appearance happened naturally, mom had to try, she proudly lists those procedures that helped her transform: breast surgery, surgery on lower, upper eyelids and nose, laser skin resurfacing, Botox, fillers, change the shape of lips and a breast lift.

“I have the right to copy her look since I created it, and, says Janet. Besides, she’s young like me, so I just returned his look.”

However, the daughter took possession of his mother without enthusiasm: “When I learned that my mom wants to look like me, was horrified. I didn’t want people thought we were sisters, I wish my mom was still my mom. However, the mother of my arguments not accepted”.

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