Валерия рассказала, почему уходит со сцены

Iosif Prigozhin has declared that almost the entire next year, the singer will not perform. About the reasons for the producer of the star told Woman’s Day.

In the morning the fans of the famous singer wondering the same happened in her life that she decided to suspend concert activity for a year. Of course, the first assumption was the pregnancy of the actress. It is well known that Valery with the husband have long dreamed of adding to the already large family. But no sooner had the fans to be happy for the couple as Joseph placed all points over i.

It turns out that Valeria is really preparing a surprise to their many fans, but not one that all thought. All 2017, the singer will work on recording new songs, as well as on the show program, with which she will travel in big tour in major cities of Russia in 2018. According to Prigogine, they are planning to go with this program and at the international level.

“In February we will have a short tour that we have planned for a long time. We will work in any case. We will not have summer, autumn tour in connection with the preparations for the Grand show, which Valeria will snap on a big tour in 2018 – says Joseph Prigogine Woman’s Day. For us, this year will be the jubilee, so all the power decided to quit on a show that will be the most expensive and technologically advanced of all that we did earlier. Our team is already working on the creation of sets, costumes, etc. to get things done in the proper form, you need to take a break, to sit in the Studio, recording new hits. Well, besides all this we plan to do a world tour in 2018. We want to start in February-March, concerts will be held, most likely, only in large cities, as something that we are planning to drive around the country, requires special sites”.