Бритни Спирс устроила новому бойфренду-культуристу романтический ужин
The singer is seriously in love with Sam Asgari.

Britney Spears with Sam Asgari

Looks like
from Britney Spears began a serious affair. When the network a couple of weeks ago
appeared a photo of her with Sam Asgari,
sitting in an embrace in the restaurant, everyone thought it was a random meeting. But
soon Britney came in his company again. And Spears for the third time
in a relatively short period of time, “lit up” in the company of Sam. About
this was reported by dailymail.co.uk

this time, 35-year-old Spears was invited Asgari, recently starring in her music video, Japanese restaurant Gyu-Kaku on
a romantic dinner. For the sake of Dating Britney dressed up to impress
Sam the ultimate experience. She was dressed in a tiny mini-skirt and
spectacular black boots to the knee. Sam, who was dressed in a trendy “torn”
the jacket and boots without laces, looked, nevertheless, very impressive. Besides
well, he behaved like a real gentleman: politely passed it forward
opened the door for her attractions for lovers of cars, and while they were waiting
the machine closed a little chilly Britney from the cold wind with his back. Although
in Hollywood, where almost every woman is a feminist and may even take offense at a particular attitude, such behavior
not welcome, Britney looked absolutely happy.

know how to impress women. No wonder he attracted the attention of not only Britney, in the video where he starred, but also participating in popular group Fifth Harmony, whose video he also recently appeared . Sam has managed to earn a reputation as a Philanderer,
and recently msicollege.com writing about fashion, asked him in an interview to share
the secrets of conquering female hearts.

As previously reported, Sam came to the United States from
Iran 9 years ago. He is actively involved in bodybuilding and hopes to make
career in show business. Anyway, Asgari already got an agent. What
for Britney, who had already twice
badly to be married and survived a series of disappointing her novels,
she appears just in awe of her new boyfriend.