Valeria demonstrated how supports her husband Joseph Prigogine

Валерия продемонстрировала, как поддерживает мужа Иосифа Пригожина
Yesterday, April 2, the birthday of noted producer Joseph Prigogine, who turned 49 years old.

Валерия продемонстрировала, как поддерживает мужа Иосифа Пригожина

One of the first of the birthday boy decided to congratulate the wife, the popular singer Valeria. She has published in his microblog the frame where Joseph, his head on the shoulder of his wife, seems completely defenseless.

Валерия продемонстрировала, как поддерживает мужа Иосифа Пригожина

“My dear, beloved people! Happy birthday, Joschka ! Here, the time has come: besides the fact that I whispered in your ear, you need to tell the world about his attitude to you. Well, let them. I still do it with joy and pride: I love you, my best! Chose this, not the front photo, you’re so defenseless and pathetic. Only, perhaps, I may know you, the husband and protector, he need support and family support. We’re many roads have passed, and you know I’m always there.

Take care of yourself (take care of you you don’t always let me), whether, please are healthy, try not to waste even a minute of your life on people not worthy of your attention. Let there will be like-minded people and only true friends – over the years, more appreciative of human relationships. Well, we who love you, will always be your dependable one. By the way, here we’re again briefly peers,” wrote under the photo of the performer.

Prigogine and Valeria are one of the strongest pairs in Russian show business and was always amazed idyllic in their relationship.

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