Валентин Юдашкин осчастливит жену курятником
The wife of the famous couturier “ordered” a special gift for the birthday.

Valentin and Marina Yudashkina

Photo: @vyudashkin Instagram Valentin Yudashkin

Looking from the outside at the image of Marina’s life and Valentine Udashkin, there is no Association with the simple rural life. The couple lives in a huge mansion full of Antiques, and travels extensively around the world staying in the most expensive hotels. However, as it turned out, the wife Yudashkin actually dreams of another life. Marina recently admitted that he asked my husband for a birthday a very special gift — a chicken coop!

It turned out, wife Valentina wants to serve your family, including grandson Anatolia, Breakfast “homemade” eggs. Moreover, as it became known, in the summer, Marina spends a lot of time in the garden, where he grows vegetables, and in autumn when the harvest ripening, it is engaged in preparations for the winter.

“I have a real garden. I grow all. We even have watermelons. And in the fall we all can. And then I’m happy to treat our friends. And at the birthday I asked for a chicken coop. Many in my circle are surprised: they say that it’s not a gift… I don’t know, I think it’s important! My grandson is growing — I want to give him fresh eggs!” — said Marina in an interview to the program “While all houses”.

Valentine to the desires of the wife is condescending. “Well, not the barn!” with a smile he says.