Angelina Jolie unhappy with the lack of support Hollywood in the divorce process

Анджелина Джоли недовольна отсутствием поддержки Голливуда в бракоразводном процессе

The divorce of Angelina Jolie and brad pitt – the theme is actively discussed, as they started the novel over 10 years ago. Now, as before, this situation is not without scandal. This is largely due to the fact that Jolie says pitt. The actress stated that she is still the official husband likes to drink and take drugs, but in a state of altered consciousness he is able even domestic violence.

Contrary to expectations, not all immediately after the statements of Angelina rushed to believe her and arrange travel brad. On the contrary, for example, at the ceremony “Golden globe”, where the actor was alone, he was supported by a large number of his colleagues and friends.

Shortly after the ceremony, Jolie hastened to give informed consent to the proposed initiative pitt – she has agreed to classify the documents that appear in the case of their divorce.

According to approximate to Angie sources, she did it because I was shocked that the audience was not on her side.

“Angelina and brad have agreed on a joint statement after only a few hours after his appearance on “the Gold globe”. She realized what effect their separation has had on her image, and is now trying to make divorce didn’t hurt her image even more”, — said the source.

Recall that in the official joint comments of Jolie and pitt, said: “the Parties have signed an agreement for the rights to inviolability of private life of their children and families, which will be expressed in preserving the confidentiality of all legal documents and the involvement of the magistrate for making the necessary legal decisions and resolve any other issues. The parents agreed to speak with one voice in this process.”