Ашер выплатил 1 млн долларов женщине, которую заразил венерическим заболеванием

Popular American singer, star of R&B music usher got into a sticky situation – he had to pay a fine to the woman he once entered into an intimate relationship infected with genital herpes. The trial lasted for over five years now, and Themis put in point.

Usher American court ordered to pay his former partner – personal stylist, which he was infected with herpes, $ 1.1 million. The incident occurred in California where there are strict laws. Partners need to warn each other about sexual existing diseases before you enter into an intimate relationship. Usher, who knew that he has herpes, did not tell about this girl and slept with her. In the end, the stylist caught and went to court for compensation. This story happened in 2012, but it has become aware of only now.
According to court documents, usher had sex with a girl without a condom. Before intercourse, he warned that ill. Although for two years, knowing that he has the herpes virus in the blood. The makeup girl became infected after their first sexual intercourse. She felt the heat in my body, and noticed the language on the body. Experts approached the girl, diagnosed her with “cold sores”.
About the diagnosis stylist said singer. He never gave up and paid her 2 thousand dollars for treatment. But the girl seemed not enough – she decided that usher you can require larger amount of money and sued. At the meetings she told the singer before sex I lied to her and claimed that quite well. Only after that she joined with him in relationship. That said Asher in court is unknown. Litigation lasted five years. The verdict was passed in favour of a stylist.
Recall now usher is married to his Manager grace Miguel, who over artist for 11 years. They got engaged in 2015.