Marat Basharov goes to desperate measures in the upbringing of his son

Марат Башаров идет на отчаянные меры в воспитании сына The man reported the child’s life. Marat Basharov did not hesitate to tell in detail, what he has to do for little Marcel. The artist dreams that the boy grew up a good man.
Марат Башаров идет на отчаянные меры в воспитании сына

In July last year, the famous actor Marat Basharov became the father of a beautiful son Marcel. However, the man tries to speak less about the baby’s life. However, the interest of fans to this subject is not lost. Fans want to know, how the artist brings an heir, and what progress the boy is happy parents. As it turned out, Basharov tries to set an example for the child in the literal sense of the word.

“The fact that Elizabeth had granted me a son is the most precious thing in life. I get up every morning at seven o’clock. Together with the son sit on the potty, and together we poop. I want to become a good person. Believe me, it’s the most important thing,” admitted Marat.
Марат Башаров идет на отчаянные меры в воспитании сына

Basharov doted in the long-awaited heir. Despite the fact that the famous actor tried not to bring the child to public attention, he began to show face little Marcel. Fans were in awe of the touching frame and recognized that a son just like him. They were relieved that the actor did not hide heir and shared their happiness online.

Marat Basharov told me that he likes to coddle the child. He does not cause trouble to the baby’s crying – he enjoyed soothes the baby.

The man is happy that his wife Elizabeth Shevarkov gave him a son. He waits for the boy is a little older, to be with him, to do her favourite hobby is playing hockey, soccer and tennis. The artist plans to give the heir to a sports school in four years, from the childhood the child is able to confidently stand on skates. Marat Basharov dreams to grow from the son of a famous hockey player

The artist also loves to go fishing. As admitted Basharov, when the baby was only a month and a half, he decided to take it with you in Astrakhan. Marseille suffered great flight from Moscow, and the whole family enjoyed a wonderful vacation.

“Fishing for me is peace, tranquility and contemplation of nature. But without a catch I never come back: the wife will confirm it!” – admitted Marat in conversation with the newspaper “Sobesednik”.