Пользователи соцсетей нашли «сестру» Ольги Бузовой Fans of the TV presenter say that she has a DoppelgangeR. However, the young woman, who reminded many of a star, tired of the constant comparisons with Olga Buzova. She urged subscribers to stop writing her comments on the similarity with a celebrity.

      Пользователи соцсетей нашли «сестру» Ольги Бузовой

      Users of social networks found a girl that reminded them of the famous TV presenter. She was a native of Novokuznetsk Anastasiya Golovinova. The girl who currently lives in Moscow, is engaged in designing clothes, likes sports and is a happy mother. However, most of Anastasia, apparently tired of constant comparisons with the celebrity. About this Golovinova announced to subscribers of his microblog.

      We will note that earlier the number of publications published notes about the similarity of Anastasia Golovanova and Olga Buzova. The recent publication “double” the presenter was caused by increased attention to her person, provoked by the materials in the Network. “I do not clutter up the comments please, I don’t really see the important comments from its subscribers, while you scribble it,” – with these words Golovin turned to his followers.

      “Fundamentally have not respond to your comments about the similarity with Olga Buzova. First answered, but when I started to write all the time – stopped. Because it makes no sense. Don’t quite understand why I always write it. What is the need so to speak… of course, I understand everything, someone sees some phenomenal resemblance, someone did not see it. Well OK. That’s your right. Olga is a beautiful and successful girl… Let’s calm down,” shared the girl.

      Interestingly, Anastasia, and Olga, keen on keeping his page in Instagram. The girl regularly shares his observations and advice, as well as the events of life. The microblog Golovina signed tens of thousands of people.

      Meanwhile, Olga Buzova itself continues to take steps to conquer the music industry. This year’s celebrity plans to surprise fans with new songs. Not long ago, Olga introduced the song “Used to it”, as well as video from the photo shoot for the cover of the single. In this video Buzova posing Nude on the bed and tries on sexy underwear. Fans of the star praised her work, while others criticized her for being too honest. However, Olga does not intend to stop. In the future she is going to perform solo concerts. “Only forward . I became even stronger… And some did not get me to break or stop. As if they did not want and did not put a kink in my wheel” – shared the star in his microblog. Olga Buzova has angered fans of erotic videos from the roof