Катя Гордон стала «инвалидом» из-за будущего малыша The woman complained of a difficult pregnancy. According to Catherine, her second child who will be born very soon, too active. Gordon also admitted that suffering from heartburn and looking forward to the birth.

      36-year-old Catherine Gordon will soon become a mother for the second time. Recently, the celebrity has complained of a difficult pregnancy. In recognition of Catherine, she can’t wait for the moment when the child will be born. The fact that the future baby prevents to live to your mother. Gordon admitted that her heir has a history of violence.

      “Frankly, I’m very tired of this existence in full force. Last month a terrible. The man inside me kicked from all the heartburn and sleep like a drunkard. I’m Mentally normal, but physically feel disabled. You girls have been so? Happiness is happiness, but the last month is tough… However, I smile as the photo Fedotova in all 32 teeth,” admitted Gordon.

      Subscribers will women advised her to stay. Many of them turned to his life experience. “You listed all of my emotions. Lie, feel sorry for myself and cry”, “last month I cried from the pain under the ribs. Apparently, he tried to straighten up”, “Suffer”, “It is. I recall with horror”, “let go Soon”, “many”, “me sick”, “totally agree with you, Kate”, “Yes, I can remember a penguin”, “easy childbirth,” “the Second pregnancy around and goes,” was discussed by the followers of a celebrity.

      Earlier, Gordon complained about the pregnancy. In spite of its interesting position, the woman led an active and very busy life. Catherine good to combine creativity and activity in the service of law. In January, the artist moved into a newly renovated two-bedroom apartment. Little heir Catherine was delighted with the new housing. In recognition of Gordon, her son impatiently waiting for replenishment in the family. In addition, the celebrity said that Daniel had already come up with a name for the new baby brother: the boy wants to be called Daniel.

      Pregnant Kate Gordon said warming

      Recall also that Catherine continues to make moves in the music industry. In October last year, the presentation of the second album of the star, which was called “Sex & Drama”. This release includes eight songs and a bonus track “Taking Paradise.” It is worth noting that Gordon fans are anticipating the release of her new work. A few months before the premiere Catherine has intrigued fans with a provocative photo in which she poses Nude. The picture caused a storm of discussion on social networks.