Ургант пошутил над фамилией будущего мужа Пелагеи

The TV host joked that the singer long did not marry, because I was looking for a husband with a suitable name.

Just a couple of weeks ago, we learned that Pelagia fell in love with hockey player, Ivan Telegin, but the entire show business is already discussing their upcoming wedding. Even Ivan Urgant was unable to bypass the news side and commented on the upcoming event in the program “Evening Urgant”.

“Pelagia is preparing for the wedding with Ivan Telegin. As reported by reporters, beloved met each other’s parents,” read the news Ivan. — The absolute feeling that Pelagia been looking for a groom with a suitable name. How beautiful will sound Pelagia Telegin. The Concert Pelagia Telegin. This concert is not a sin, a jug of milk to drink and an effigy burn.”

It is worth noting that not every wedding receives this honor. The fact that Pelagia is always very carefully concealed his personal life. Wikipedia says that in 2010, the singer was married to Director Comedy Woman Dmitry Efimovich and changed his name, but divorced him in 2012 and returned last name Khanova. That’s all the facts about the personal life of the singer. Other novels was not known.

But, it seems, fell in love with hockey player, Ivan Telegin, Pelagia forgot about the rules of conspiracy. The singer does not miss a single match CSKA Moscow and does not hide a beautiful ring on the ring finger.

Just to comment on your feelings Pelageya still refuses.

By the way!

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