Ургант и Светлаков снова вместе повеселят телезрителей
Leading was found on a film set.

Ivan Urgant and Olga Bartunkova and Sergey Svetlakov

Photo: @vecherniy_urgant Instagram

Autumn has arrived, and this means that the screens from summer “vacations” back all the favourite TV transmission. The creators of “Evening Urgant”, as well as many others, have already started filming the new releases. As it became known, the first guest of the Studio will be a good friend and former colleague Urgant Sergei Svetlakov.

The opportunity to once again laugh at jokes a sparkling Duo of Svetlakov and Urgant viewers will be very soon. Sergey will come in “guests” to Ivan in the company of Olga Bartunkova, which played in the new film “the Bridegroom”. Fans of the popular, but, unfortunately, never aired the program “ProjectorParisHilton”, is the unexpected reunion of two former co-host could not fail to please.

Incidentally, fans of Urgant got another reason to celebrate. As it turned out, the star of the First channel nevertheless refused the beard that had grown over the summer, and returned to its usual way. By the way, more recently, fans harshly criticized Ivan for his appearance. The fact that he allowed himself during the holidays to relax a little and ceased to take care of myself. Subscribers Urgant was unhappy untidy and wild vegetation on his face, which he demonstrated recently at the photo in the microblog.