Анна Нетребко продемонстрировала небывало стройные ноги
Emaciated singer caused an unprecedented stir with his appearance in a mini-skirt.

Anna Netrebko with her husband

Photo: @Instagram anna_netrebko_yusi_tiago Anna Netrebko

Anna Netrebko recently boasted to fans postroynevshaya incredible figure, posting a picture in a rather revealing outfit. It should be noted that the photo showing the singer dressed in a mini skirt, caused an unprecedented excitement from the fans. In a matter of minutes subscribers “overwhelmed” the artist compliments her slender legs, which Anna preferred to “hide” behind the hems of dresses and skirts to the floor.

“Wow! What legs”, “How could you hide those legs? Here is the opening, wow!”, “Haven’t seen You in a short. Really suits You too!” “As you grew thin!”, “The most stylish couple in the world! Handsome!” commented on a photo of fans.

By the way, significantly postroynet Netrebko has been some time ago, but for a long time, probably out of habit, Anna continued to wear closed clothes, trying not to draw attention to her figure. Unfortunately, there is no secret to weight loss is the singer for his fans would not open. For the simple reason that, apparently, no special effort by the artist to combat obesity is not taken. Anna has always been proud of their uniforms and did not hide, that likes to eat. So, most likely, the transformation Netrebko — the result of a busy touring schedule.