«Уральская пельмешка» Юлия Михалкова метит в депутаты The actress wants to be useful to the people. The star of “Ural dumplings” Yulia Mikhalkov wants to take a parliamentary seat. It even has its own electoral program.

      «Уральская пельмешка» Юлия Михалкова метит в депутаты

      Yulia Mikhalkov decided it was time to learn a new profession. The star of “Ural dumplings”, he chose the difficult vocation of servants of the people. Actress comic genre is aiming at a Deputy chair. Their plans Julia shared with subscribers in social networks.

      “Remember, I some time ago told you about the primaries? This preliminary elections, which are held in all regions of our country. To participate in them can be anyone who takes an active civil position, wants and is willing to work for the benefit of his native land, has its own program. And the winners of preliminary elections in the future have the opportunity to become active members of the State Duma of the new convocation. I decided to try your hand at the primaries in his native Ural region. And yesterday I applied to participate,” shared the star.

      Julia stressed that she has her own electoral program, which she will present during debate and meetings with potential voters. Interestingly, Julia is quite optimistic about the future. She talks about her future in the State Duma, as a fait accompli, although there is still just the primaries.

      “I did a lot of observing how work is carried out in the state Duma, went to meetings, talked with the deputies, learned as they write the laws. I understand where you’re going, – said Mikhalkov in an interview with news Agency “URA”. Farmers I trust, and say: “Yulia, we are counting on you!” It seems that the more they look to. And to me these people are very interesting because they not complain, and do everything with their hands. Therefore, in the state Duma I want to represent the interests of farmers and consumers – all the people of the Urals”.

      It is worth noting that the actress maintains a very beloved man. The identity of the chosen one she does not advertise, but admits that by nature he is a true leader. Your love Julia met at a concert. Due to the tight work schedules until a couple lives together. But later my beloved I dream to get married and get married, and become parents of many children. Mikhalkov is planning to give birth to three, and maybe four children of her future husband.

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