Кайли Дженнер остаётся с Tyga из страха

The youngest of telecomasia Kardashian-Kylie Jenner returns to her boyfriend rapper Tyga. He cheated on her, and dirty in all sorts of history involved, and with minor flirting, but the star of the reality show everyone forgives him and returns again and again. It would seem, here it – love, but no. It turns out that Kylie’s just afraid.

As reported by the publication RadarOnline.com sources close to Kylie, the only reason she hasn’t sent her partner away is the fear that he will not keep his mouth shut and will tell a lot of secrets not only of her but of her famous relatives. All the information Kylie herself told him in times when their romance was just beginning.
“He has so much dirt on her and her family, that she became hostage of their relationship. Tyga thinks he can do with it whatever you want, and even sleep with other women. He was sure that Kylie nowhere on it does not go anywhere, because if he starts to talk, she’ll regret it” — said the insider.
Recall that after the betrayals of the rapper, which he never thought to hide, Kylie dumped him, but, surprisingly, quickly returned. Fans do not understand this action by Jenner, but close friends it all became clear.

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