«Уральские пельмени» заплатят экс-директору 300 тысяч Popular comedians have to compensate Sergei Neieskau expenses incurred during his trial. Before the man pleaded for the restoration as Director of the famous comedians and he managed to prove his innocence.

      Today it became known that the team “Ural pelmeni” have to pay the former Director Sergei Neieskau the amount of 300 thousand rubles. Information about it reporters learned from the published the operative part of the Arbitration court of the Sverdlovsk region.

      Previously it was known that the requirement Natascha granted in part, but the exact size of the penalties was not reported. The man asked to reimburse him for the amount of $ 712 thousand rubles for legal costs. In June 2016 Nitievskiy challenged his removal from the post of Director of the popular creative enterprises. “StarHit” contacted Sergey to comment on the situation.

      “You guys lost the case, so my lawyers filed a claim for reimbursement. It is a technical story, nothing special… I’m moving on and fighting for the future, not the past”, – said the ex-Director of “Ural dumplings”, “StarHit”.

      We will remind that in February of this year comic team lost the claim on 400 million roubles. The artists were accused Sergey Natascha in the illegal use of the trademark. The man himself told reporters that he was ready for a peaceful settlement of the question, but his former colleagues wanted the proceedings before the court.

      “This case was about six meetings. But the verdict was always postponed. I don’t understand why they wanted to solve everything through lawyers, because no one was hurt. When I was reinstated as Director in the autumn of last year, I gave the team the right to use the trademark as text, and combined, for a nominal fee of one ruble. I’m not sure, but it seems they wanted to charge me some monetary compensation,” – said the man.

      We will remind that Sergey Nitievskiy was removed from the position of Director of the popular Comedy team in 2015. Then the participants reported that male prefer private development projects “Ural dumplings”. The artists were accused Natascha that he pays the team too little time. “14 October last year, nine of the show, and part of the founders of the creative Association “Ural dumplings” (each 10% share), at a General meeting unanimously voted against the incumbent President,” – said the lawyer of celebrities.