Уникальные рождественские традиции королевской семьи

Уникальные рождественские традиции королевской семьи

Every family has its own unique traditions, which are especially revered on Christmas eve. In the British Royal family also has special traditions that you may not even guess. But what, read more in our article, maybe, Yes, and it is the same.

A gala dinner. Every year Queen Elizabeth II arranges a festive dinner, dedicated to Christmas holidays. At the table going over 50 relatives. Always open to all the Dukes and Duchess, princes and princesses. By the way, while Kate and Megan were not officially part of the family, their presence rose in question, but in the end the girls were invited to the momentous event.

Christmas cards. Without the traditional Christmas cards is not perceived in the UK. Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II each year, personally signed more than 800 postcards to their subjects. On the leaflet always printed a picture of the family in full strength. Most interesting is that due to the lack of time in the winter, arrange a photo shoot in the summer and immediately begin to sign.

The place of meeting. All the Christmas holidays, the Royal family met at Sandringham Palace since 1980. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry on their wedding got a small cottage on the Palace grounds, the gift they made to the Queen herself.

The wagon train. To get to Sandringham is not so simple. Therefore, for the Queen always book a train for the week before Christmas so she could comfortably get to possessions. Elizabeth II is a very responsible approach to the preparation of the festival and personally supervises everything. So Christmas is always perfect.

A certain order of appearance. In the Palace are all invited to come not just when we want to, on a specific schedule. The most important person arrive the latest. Therefore, younger relatives always arrive first to greet their elders.

Festive football. This tradition was born not so long ago in the Royal family. She was introduced Prince Harry and Prince William. They wear t-shirts of the team get sick throughout the year and play football with the workers of the estate. The game takes place in a friendly and fun environment. To observe anyone in the territory of the Palace.

Shopping in a London Department store. Queen loves to choose gifts for their family members in the London Department store Harrods. Specially for her Majesty, the shop opened after hours and the Queen quietly makes shopping alone with the sellers.

Gifts. The Royal family in terms of gifts should be to the German customs. They have not decided to give each other luxurious and expensive gifts, they love to laugh in this family holiday, make a joke. So the gifts are chosen usually for fun. For example, Prince Harry once got for Christmas naked doll that grows in size when hit into the water. And Prince Charles once received as a gift a leather toilet seat, and he so liked the gift that he even traveled with him one time.

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