Тайра Бэнкс рассказала о мучительных попытках забеременеть
The actress has admitted that they experienced a real drama.

Тайра Бэнкс рассказала о мучительных попытках забеременеть

Tyra Banks


son of tyra banks York

Photo: Instagram.com

Tyra banks, who is the proud mother of a two-year York, admitted that before her son’s birth she had to lose hope that she ever will have children.

As said the model, along with her boyfriend Eric
Aisle she went through “hell”. More than a year Tyra
did one IVF cycle after another, but all to no avail. “It was terrible… at First
the doctors told me: “Congratulations, you have a healthy embryo!”, and then everything broke. In
next time I was able to stretch a little longer, and I have time
be happy that overcame the first month. But then again, should fail…”

As told by mom Tyra, her daughter every time
cherished the hope that she will succeed. “She already fully equipped
nursery. And put the bathroom on the floor colored tiles: “Mommy
you already love!” And then again endured another failure… My heart literally
was torn to pieces when I saw her suffer,” shared Caroline banks.

In the end, itcauses, tyra resorted to the help of a surrogate mother who endured for her
York. When the son was born, banks wrote on his page in
social network: “I’m crazy about happiness, I don’t have enough words to describe
words that I feel when holding my little treasure. And I
very grateful vinosense baby woman, she is an angel!”.