Евгения Медведева стала ведущей шоу на Первом канале
Skater got a job in show “the Glacial period. Children.”

Photo: Instagram

Silver medalist in Phenchhane Evgeny Medvedev did not go to the world figure skating Championships in Milan. The sports star has announced that she needs time to recover after a serious injury she sustained before the Olympics. But she had a break at work, which it will hold on… the First channel! Jack was leading a new project called “Ice age. Children.”

This show is not an exact copy of the “adult” season. Compete for victory in the project will be young skaters older than 10 years. Teachers — Tatiana Navka, Roman Kostomarov and Maxim Trankov and Ilya Averbukh — will recruit a team of singles and couples. The winners of the project, expect to pay a decent amount.

Premiere of “Ice age. Children” will take place on 1 April. “This is a big first auditions,” says Averbukh, who concurrently is also the producer of the show.

The choice of Medvedev as the leading not accidental. She is the most popular skater today, especially among children and juniors. “An example for all!” says Averbukh.

Wife now only 18 years old, and she remembers all the difficulties encountered in the age of participants of the project. She first came skating when she was two and a half years.

“I bought for Zhenya the smallest skates that I could find, but still had to wear four sock to skate is not hanging, told the “7 Days” mother of figure skater Jeanne. — Remember how joyfully the daughter stood up to them and almost immediately ran. Plunk — fell, rose, fell again, but never cried, and fear did not have any. In the end, I brought her to CSKA in a group of kids…”