Two years without mom: how to live a little son of Zhanna Friske

Два года без мамы: как живет маленький сын Жанны Фриске Now on a four-year Plato slaughter dad, TV presenter Dmitry Shepelev. He talks about how growing heir. With relatives Janna Friske kid almost does not communicate recently hosted the only meeting for the whole year.
Два года без мамы: как живет маленький сын Жанны Фриске

June 15, 2015 was the singer Zhanna Friske. For her colleagues and the millions of fans she is remembered as a bright and shining person. At the time of death the son of Zhanna Friske and TV presenter Dmitry Shepelev Plato was only two years. The boy was left to live with his father. The day of the death artist “StarHit” decided to tell how the child lives without a mother.

Shortly before his death Friske Dmitry took Plato to Bulgaria. At the airport they were met by the chief editor of the project “StarHit” and presenter of the program “Let speak” Andrey Malakhov with his wife, brand Director for ELLE Natalia Shkuleva. They told how there was a boy in two years.

“Waiting for Luggage at the airport “Domodedovo” and suddenly saw Dima Shepelev, he was holding a diaper and a bottle of water. Around it without stopping running a little Plato. Very funny guy with a trendy haircut, similar to Jeanne and Dima at the same time. I said, “hi! How are you?” Plato embarrassed, sat on the floor and hugged my dad’s leg. But curiosity took over, the baby began to flirt: “ku-Ku” − and then hiding” – shared with “StarHit” Natalia shkuleva.
Два года без мамы: как живет маленький сын Жанны Фриске

The two-year Plato was not immediately informed that his mother is dead. At the time of the funeral the boy ostavalsya in Bulgaria in the house of Philip Kirkorov. “He likes the sea, he loves to swim, run on the sand. With a spatula, buckets fumbling, cars plays, learns to swim,” said dad Shepelev Andrei Viktorovich.

Godmother of Plato and the former soloist of group “Brilliant”, which is sang by Jeanne Olga Orlova tried to participate in the life of a boy. She told me that the baby grows very kind and smiling.

Despite the fact that initially between Shepelev and Friske family had no enmity, six months after the death of Jeanne, they could not establish contact with each other. After another meeting with my grandmother and grandfather Dmitry recorded a video message in which he said that accompanied Vladimir Borisovich men started a fight with his guards. According to him, all this happened in front of the boy and became his injury.

After this, the struggle of the Friske family for the right to see his son Joan. “We don’t want to pick up Plato, we would just meet with him, said the sister of the singer Natalia. – He still thinks that mom is in the hospital and really misses us.”

Два года без мамы: как живет маленький сын Жанны Фриске

Dmitry Shepelev told that taking an active part in the upbringing of his son. Despite the fact that the boy has a babysitter, the presenter finds time for the child. They walk around the city centre, relax in the parks, attend children’s entertainment – circuses, concerts. Man tries to instill in the son a love of classical music and art. But watching TV and using gadgets is trying to limit.

Shepelev admitted that every day tells Plato about his mother describes her habits, favourite places, what were life before birth. The presenter claimed that in the house there are always photos of the singer.

“An interesting coincidence: recently my son and I had dinner in a cafe, where I had often been with Jeanne. And for dessert, from many options, he chose carrot cake. Delicious, ask. – Very! – Did you really like? – Yes! So, not knowing he had chosen a favorite dessert of Joan in this cafe. Of course, I told him about it,” – said Dmitry in an interview.
Два года без мамы: как живет маленький сын Жанны Фриске

A year after the death Friske and Shepelev told that the son inherited the traits of Jeanne. Man learns the child is the woman to turn their head and laugh.

When Plato turned three, he began to show sympathy for the girls. Dmitry cited the passage of the dialogue with the boy. “My friends are there. And Katya”. “What’s Katya?” — “My friend. Dad, can I give her my yellow car?” “But better ask first what she wants,” said the TV host’s son.

Last year Dmitry Shepelev gave an extensive interview to Andrey Malakhov. The film crew of the program “Let them talk” spent the day in the company of Plato and his dad. The presenter told me that the kid has a great sense of humor. In three years he had mastered the alphabet and learned to read. Dmitry Shepelev in “Let them talk”: the first interview on television

“Plato and a half years goes to an English school. For me it is very important that he got used to the English language from young nails. This year he had additional lessons. Plato is engaged in gymnastics. The more precious and filled with the remains of our weekend, when we can go together to go to the pool, to Breakfast at our favorite cafe, to spend time alone. It’s the happiest, warmest days for me,” said Dmitry.

The only thing that bothered presenter – shy boy. Shepelev said that the son is making progress in the sport and even thought that the child began to play professionally. However, the Dmitri allows him to skip classes, if he sees that Plato is tired.

As befits a boy, the son of Zhanna Friske interested in technology. Shepelev was published in the microblog the first shots, which made the child to the camera “Polaroid”.

Recently the family of Jeanne Friske met with Plato after a year of separation at the circus. They noted that the boy grew up – became higher and thinner. Also disappeared from their eyes, and that Plato repeats the gesture of the singer during a conversation turns the right handle.

“And what he considered. Grandpa said, “Plato, what gift do you buy?” And heard: “On your discretion”. Can you imagine? Responsible as an adult. It is a pity that the meeting was short – just about fifteen minutes. I asked the Petoskey to call me. “Okay, grandma,” he promised, but until the phone is silent,” said Olga Vladimirovna “StarHit”.

Dmitry Shepelev told reporters that he is trying since childhood to educate the son of the tolerant attitude to people. He gave it to the Jewish kindergarten and hired a black teacher in the English language. The broadcaster recently fired by Plato because of differences in methods of upbringing of the child. However, the boy became very attached to the woman who was with him from birth. Dmitry had nothing to do how to get close to the son of the man not to injure his psyche.

The material used information Life publications, Grazia and “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.