Двухлетняя дочка Тимати голодает по несколько дней
The mother of the artist complained about the difficulties of raising heiress rapper.

Timothy, with daughter Alice

Photo: @Instagram Timati timatiofficial

The challenges of raising a child is not bypassed even the families of the stars of show business. Recently, Timothy’s mom, Simone admitted that his adorable two year old daughter — Alice was not angelic in nature. A stumbling block in communicating the grandmother with the granddaughter is the baby food. As it turned out, Alice is very small and bad eating. Sometimes it happens that the girl refuses to eat for several days!

“And now the reality… Alice eats very little and not every day. A couple of days to eat, then refuses. We suggest, but never insist. I say honestly that it is difficult to withstand, but…. The child is active and happy, so all right!” said the mother, 33-year-old Timothy. In General, the menu is the successor of the famous rapper, according to Simone, is virtually no different from the diet of any other child. In those days, when Alice is determined to eat fed cereal, soups, omelettes, cutlets, boiled chicken, steamed fish, cheese, cottage cheese. Sweet baby don’t indulge, instead, treat her dried fruits.

However, I must say that the Timothy’s mom was being disingenuous about your regular diet. In her microblog the other day there was a video where her granddaughter eat caviar with a fork straight from the jar, along the way, as befits a small child, throwing a piece of delicacy on the table.

Recall that Alice was born in 2014. The girl’s parents — Timothy and the Alena Shishkova model together decided that the education of Alice will take the mom who has this issue with a lot of experience. She raised two sons, each of which became a self-sufficient personality. Now Shishkova and Timati not maintain a romantic relationship, but for the baby could save the friendship.