Алексей Воробьев приблизился к исполнению своей самой заветной мечты
The singer spoke about his great success.

Alexey Vorobyov

Photo: @alexsparrow Instagram Alexey Vorobyov

Alexei Vorobyov seems to have all the chances to fulfill his cherished dream — to win the Oscar. Film starring singer — “Strange house”, which was nominated for the main award, continues to move confidently to victory. It is learned that the film, in which the sparrows acted as composer, received a prestigious international award — the Grand Prix festival in Norway — Bergen International Film Festival.

“Our Oscar nominated for the movie “Alien house” has received the Grand Prix of the international festival in Norway, beating many famous paintings, including the film that won this year at Cannes in the UN certain regard”!” — said Alexey.

Strange house is the debut work of the Georgian filmmaker Rusudan Glurjidze. It premiered at the International film festival in Karlovy vary in 2016. The same drama was awarded the Grand Prix program. This year the movie “Alien house” was also awarded the prize “the Russian newspaper” at the VI Sakhalin international festival “on the Edge” in Russia.

By the way, Alex hoped that “someone’s home” will receive the Hollywood Academy in the category “Best foreign film” in February of next year, because to receive “Oscar” — his longtime dream. A few years ago the singer confessed that he had promised his mother to become the owner of the coveted statues along the way, with another equally valuable — Grammy. Although it should be noted that in case of victory it will be, of course, not a personal award Alexei, and assessment of the work of the whole team who created the film and especially the Director. However, sparrows on this occasion jokes that were never discussed with the mother the details of the promised receipt of “Oscar”.