Twice father and without a mother – Philip

Дважды папа и без мамы – Филипп Киркоров

Дважды папа и без мамы – Филипп Киркоров

How to entertain kids of pop – king Philip Kirkorov? What living famous children…

Who said that stars are made, not born? These children have already been born with a silver spoon in his mouth, but otherwise, if their father Philip
Bedrooms and they are very proud of that! It is now the Pope actively exhibited at the show, and before that he spent several years them concealed from outsider
look for warding off the paparazzi.
When he privselyudno shared the news that his daughter was born, it made me think, because the companion had not. And while the public
thought, Philip sang lullabies to the girl named Alla – Victoria. And seven months later he was born and son Martin.

Дважды папа и без мамы – Филипп Киркоров

People didn’t raise her eyebrows in surprise! Nothing about the mother of his children didn’t tell the man, even his longtime girlfriend Valerie
Kudryavtseva. First, in the mother of his children ordered the cross children of an old friend, businesswoman – Natalia Ephraim. Then there were the stories about
shy and non-public mother. And then still admitted that children of surrogate mothers.

The arrival of children has a positive impact on the king of pop! He stopped dancing, and all free time spent with children. When Philip showed the children were all shocked by the similarity with his father. But the father is proud that they are growing properly and not spoiled.
Martin in his spare time enjoys Golf, Alla-Victoria frequents the boutiques of fashionable brand shoes, apparently looking after yourself for growth. In
8 year old girl is a real model and often participates in fashion shows. So quietly, the children of “celebrities” enter the world of show business!

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