Оксана Воеводина обратилась к своему бывшему мужу через видео

The Russian 27 – year-old model Oksana Vojvodina recently gave a video interview in which he told why her collapsed marriage with Malaysian king Mohammed V. the Girl assured that the last time I talked to him in December 2019, after that the king had gone and still they had not seen, and about his invalid marriage learned through the Internet.

Оксана Воеводина обратилась к своему бывшему мужу через видео

The king of Malaysia went from Oksana, when they already knew about the pregnancy, the girl wore a child for four months. To break the marriage without the consent of the model, Mohammed V took advantage of the Islamic divorce. Vojvodina denies the rumors that the child was born not from the king, no one never demanded a paternity test, but if you need to do, it it.

In his video message she called ex-husband: “Faris, Wake up! You have a son, and you father! You were royalty! And, whatever happens with our marriage I want my son were both parents. Just think about your son”.

The girl didn’t shown yet son on camera and did not put his pictures on the Internet, but according to her, the child is very like his father, baby different Asian features.

The model also commented on the rumors that Mohammed V abdicated the throne for her. It is completely disagree, it’s political Affairs and it is to them no relation has.

After the king and the model were married, the entire political elite turned against Oksana, considering her an unworthy wife for such a high rank. No change occurred even after Vojvodina adopted the Islamic faith. Her age difference with the former spouse was 23 years old, but the model claims that she was not visible: “the age Difference struck me. His biological age is not the same as real. The Faris a very young soul”.

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