Тутта Ларсен встретит Новый год в постели Known TV presenter, the author’s own channel TUTTA-TV, large mother tutta Larsen was very cold before the holidays. Therefore, the new 2018 TV star will meet at home, in bed, and instead of champagne to drink hot tea with lemon.
Тутта Ларсен встретит Новый год в постели

There is nothing more unpleasant than to get sick before an important event, for example, just before the New year. Tatyana Romanenko, which everyone knows as the star of TV Tutta Larsen caught a cold a week before the holidays and can not recover. The saddest thing according to the presenter, that it hurts no one, bad colds and her children.

Tatiana has three children – 12-year-old Luke, 2 year old Ivan and a daughter Martha, she is now 7 years old.

Tutta shared with your followers unpleasant news, wrote that she was sick herself, and of the children until the “temperature” only senior. And she is very excited, no matter how sick the younger Vanya, because in a few days, the TV with the whole family is going to a great trip to Lapland.

“Today Is A New Year. I the fifth day on the back (today is the first without temperature). Luke 38. With Martha, 39. Gifts are not dokupleno, manicure and haircut did not take place. After a couple of days we have to fly to Lapland, expensive trips, which are planned from Oct. But Joe suspiciously cheerful, and I strongly doubt that he will not catch us right before departure” – shared the tutta.

Despite the condition, Tatiana does not fall apart. Beside her loved ones who support it. And besides, a cold is a side effect that is like Tatiana – the lack of appetite. Tutta, like many famous women, fighting with excess weight.

“But with us, my wonderful in-laws. And I lost already 2 kg, because they feed on only boiled water, lemon and snot. I mean, what if one of you decides to be upset that the salad failed or a dress not a village or a roar in the middle that the tree is not at that angle is, you just re-read this post. Happy new year!” – wrote a TV presenter.

Friends and followers are very supportive of Tatiana and wished her a speedy recovery, leave all the “sores in the past year”. Tutta Larsen deeply religious woman, known in TV circles as an exceptionally kind, warm person, ready at any moment to help. The presenter does a lot of charity.

Tatyana Romanenko, 43 years old, she married a second time. It so happened that the mother of many children tutta Larsen is a very busy man, she is engaged in the television, conducts corporate events, radio and TV programs, frequent guest on the air, especially as an expert on issues of motherhood and childhood.