Turkish singer Tarkan were married with a fan

Турецкий певец Таркан сыграл свадьбу с поклонницей A confirmed bachelor for the first time went down the aisle at 43. The ceremony of marriage of Tarkan and his lady took place at the Villa the stars surrounded by family and friends of the contractor. A lavish celebration, the singer promises to give in the coming days.

      Турецкий певец Таркан сыграл свадьбу с поклонницей

      Superstar Turkish show-business, by world-famous hit Kiss Kiss Tarkan recently said goodbye to his bachelor life. 43-year-old singer married his fan Pinar Delek, whom he met back in 2008 at a concert in Germany. Beauty came to the star behind the scenes and charmed enviable groom so much that for her sake, which is reputed to be a confirmed bachelor Tarkan decided to change their status of free men. At the end of last year, the Turkana asked the hands and hearts of the parents Pinar who live in Cologne. And only after they have given their consent to marry 30-year-old daughter with the star of show business, was the date of the wedding.

      The wedding ceremony was held last Friday, April 29, but the public was only in the first days of may. It is known that all took place in a luxurious garden Villa on the Turkana, located in the fashionable district of Istanbul Taraba. Young conducted a nikah ceremony in accordance with Muslim customs. The ceremony was attended by not more than forty people, only relatives and friends of the couple. It is reported that in the near future Tarkan, which is known for its fabulous ambitions, arrange larger and more lavish celebration on secular traditions.

      Турецкий певец Таркан сыграл свадьбу с поклонницей

      Marriage Tarkan – vivid proof that even the most inveterate bachelor, may change their beliefs, if you meet the girl. After all, to Pinar singer was a staunch opponent of formal relations and said that to marry him could make only pregnancy of his passion. However, Turkish media write that the pop singer did Pinar offer under pressure of his mother, who had long dreamed to have her son married. “Tarkan has complied with the requirement of the mother” – with such titles came Newspapers in the homeland superstar on his wedding day.

      It is worth noting that in Turkey Tarkan is known as the “Prince of Pop” for influence in the country for its show during concerts. The singer has released several platinum albums, sold out the number of about 19 million copies. He is the owner of a music company HITT Music”. Tarkan is the only artist who managed to become famous in Europe, not singing a single song in English. Music portal “Rhapsody” Tarkan acknowledged key actor in the history of European pop music.

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