Трогательная речь Оливии Колман и самый смешной момент на вручении Оскара

Played Queen Anne in “the Mistress,” Olivia Colman has become a real Queen of the Oscars! 45-year-old actress took the statuette for best actress in the film, and said in a touching speech. She thanked her husband, colleagues and spectators, but emotional speech was delayed. The actress laugh the whole room!

Declared the winner in the nomination “Best actress” stars Oscar-winning film “Three of the Billboard on the border of Ebbing, Missouri” Sam Rockwell and McDormand. Olivia was shocked and for a long time after the announcement of his victory could not believe what was happening! The star got kisses from colleagues in the film is Emma stone, her husband ed Sinclair and Director of “Mistress”, George Lanthimos.

“I have to thank a lot of people. George, best Director and best film with Emma and Rachel, two dear women who fall in love and just happy to go with them to work every day. Can you imagine how beautiful it is,” says Coleman.

‘My babies who are now home watching. Look!” — Coleman happily showed the statuette. “And if not, that’s kind of cool, but I hope you still look. Still, that’s not going to happen.”

When the actress announced that she needed “to wrap up” star showed off two fingers and grimaced, why again laughed the whole room! Backstage at the Dolby theater, where the event took place, the actress said that getting figurines still for her a real shock! ‘This does not happen every day. I can’t even imagine how all of these calm, remembering…a very strange situation. Can’t even imagine. Can’t tell your feelings. Next year I will be able to get together and talk, but now I don’t even know what to do with myself”.

In December, when the actress learned of her nomination, she couldn’t contain the happiness. In one interview, the actress told that to hold the statuette in his hands — a dream of her entire life! Congratulations on your first Oscar!

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