Тото Кутуньо экстренно госпитализировали Italian singer was sent to the hospital due to health problems. The singer had to cancel a performance in Belgium. Doctors insist that the artist spent in the hospital for a week.
Тото Кутуньо экстренно госпитализировали

74-year-old Toto Cutugno boasts a multi-million army of fans. His songs you know by heart in Russia, USA and many European countries, including his native Italy. Despite the serious age, a man continues to tour, sometimes turns into an unpleasant health effects.

Recently, the artist has cancelled a concert in Belgium because his health deteriorated. The authorities of the city, where was held the concert, said that the star of the 70s started to have heart problems, why he was in the hospital.

First about the reasons for cancellation of performances was announced by the councillor for sports and culture city Soren Eric Vanbrabant. He wrote in social network that Cutugno felt ill and was not able to please the audience of fans with their creativity.

“I am grateful to everyone who attended yesterday to our event. Your reaction to yesterday’s cancellation of the concert of Toto Cutugno deserves respect. I am also pleased to inform you that the status of Toto is estimated as stable, and most importantly,” wrote Eric Vanbrabant.
Тото Кутуньо экстренно госпитализировали

Of course, fans immediately began to wish Cutugno speedy recovery and interested in the reasons for his hospitalization. Many have claimed that the Italian began to have serious heart problems, and his condition is estimated as critical. In the end, the artist decided to get in touch with the fans and explain the reasons why he had to turn to doctors.

“I was struck with the excessive heat, standing in the last days. As a result, I felt very weak and so decided not to play in Belgium. I’m okay now because in the hospital, very good doctors. Mostly Italian, but there are also Russians who care about me. In short, my audience supports me, for which I am very grateful” – said the artist.

Representatives of Toto Cutugno confirmed that he feels fine and has no problems with his heart. However, due to old age, he became ill on a hot day, so the concert had to be cancelled.

Fans hope that in the coming days the singer will be released from the hospital and continue the creative activity. It is worth noting that the tour schedule from Toto Cutugno full of dates.

Communicating with the portal Skytg.24 the actor said that he is thankful to doctors liège, where he is now undergoing intensive treatment.