Валентина Матвиенко станцевала под хит Ольги Бузовой Video with participation of policy caused a lot of positive reviews online. Valentina Matvienko danced along with volunteers from Mordovia to the song “Little half” Olga Buzova. It happened during his working trip to Saransk.

Olga Buzova call this phenomenon of Russian show business – TV presenter has become not only a popular singer but also a successful businesswoman, recently opened its own restaurant in the center of Moscow. Songs 32-year-old star is instantly become hits, rising to the top of music charts. Tracks artist equally popular among fans Buzova and among politicians.

Recently, during a working visit to Saransk, began to dance under the famous “Little half” even Valentina Matvienko. The company Chairman of the Federation Council made by the Governor of Mordovia Vladimir Volkov, the mayor of Saransk Pyotr Tultaev. As it turned out, local activists working on the world Cup often start the day with a warm-up songs now popular Olga Buzova.

“Always a pleasure to watch how politicians show themselves in a new way, and it’s usually they’re so serious”, “I don’t understand those who criticize. You may not like itself Matvienko, but the fact that she is trying to be closer to young people is commendable,” “Good moves, and she clearly likes the song,” the shared opinions of users on the Network.

Video Matvienko instantly became a hit on the Network, gathering a lot of laudatory reviews. Many fans of Olga Buzova noted that policies moving well, repeating the famous movement from the clip of the singer, although there were those who criticized the creative experiment Valentina.

Among all hits stars song “Little half” can be called the most popular. It did dozens of covers and parodies. However, about a month ago, Olga received the award MUZ-TV in the category “the Best song you’ll ever need” it for this song.

“I’m really happy to win in the nomination “the Best song you’ll ever need”, because the radio plays the songs you choose to the program Director, not the ones that the audience likes! And everyone chooses what he likes actually. And your choice has made me the happiest,” wrote Kim on Instagram after long-awaited victory.

Itself Buzova has not responded to bright performance, However, Olga is now very busy schedule – she not only goes through the cities of Russia with a tour, but most of the time in Sunny Italy, where there are shooting a new reality show “Married with Buzova”.

“Marry Buzova”: the names of the oligarchs who took part in the show

The release of the romantic show scheduled for the autumn, while the presenter carefully chooses “the same” from among the most wealthy grooms of Russia.