Тори Спеллинг родила пятого ребёнка

43-year-old actress tori spelling, star of the popular 90s series “Beverly hills 90210” and her 50-year-old husband Dean McDermott receiving congratulations on the birth of another child. The boy was born yesterday, March 2.

The happy parents have released an official statement in which has told about how he called his General fifth child:

Тори Спеллинг родила пятого ребёнка

“We forever love our little Bo. It was a gift from heaven, his brothers and sisters are also very happy. We are incredibly grateful for such a beautiful and healthy family.”

A little later, tori was published and the first with a newborn, which depicted tiny hand of a baby lying in her hand.

Recall that the appearance of a new baby literally saved his parents from getting divorced. A few years ago, Dean cheated on his wife, and she found out about the adultery. They have experienced hundreds of hours of family therapy and created their own reality show about reconciliation. Fortunately for their four children, Torri and Dean found the strength to reconcile, and the pregnancy Snelling once again convinced them that they are doing everything correctly.

Dean also has another son Jack, who is already eighteen years old. McDermott for several years does not pay for its maintenance and owed former wife more than one hundred thousand dollars. Knowing that the party about the future of the child her ex-husband dumped more than forty thousand dollars, the woman was going to sue him in court. In addition, Dean and tori have debts in more than 250 thousand dollars to the American banks, and the McDermott and does owes creditors hundreds of thousands of dollars. The couple hope that tori’s mother candy, who received all the wealth of her husband Aaron Spelling, will help them to pay off debts.