Jamie Dornan doesn’t understand fellow actors who complain about fame

Джейми Дорнан не понимает коллег-актеров, которые жалуются на известность

The shooting of the trilogy “Fifty shades of grey” Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson were a door to a new world. The actors learned the whole world, they have armies of fans who admire them and want career growth.

We can say that after the premiere of the first part of the film adaptation of the erotic novel Erika Leonard James Jamie and Dakota woke up famous. But the inconvenience in this regard they do not experience.

For example, the role of the billionaire-the masochist says his life has not changed and he does not understand his fellow actors, who complain that fame prevent them from living.

“To remain inconspicuous actually very simple,” says Dornan. “Of course I know that in some cases, attention can not be avoided, and I sympathize with these unfortunate people. But in the case of most everyone else: they, at least in part, want it.”

Jamie sure if famous people “complain” on the increased attention to them, they just make no effort to avoid it, and enjoy what they are interested in fans.

We will remind, earlier a colleague of the movies Dornan Dakota Johnson said that incredibly glad that she still decided to take in “shades”.

In an interview with reporters Glamour Dakota opened the heart and admitted that despite the General criticism, it is glad that became part of the “Fifty shades of grey” – the movie “opened her doors to the world”: “from time to time I’ve started to, yeah. But this project is not my “Swan song”. Yes, he’s the reason my life went the other way, but I’m still proud of it. And besides, these films gave me an opportunity to act in other projects and travel. Ultimately, it is the “Fifty shades” opened for me a world where I always dreamed to be”.