Том Харди не считает себя секс-символом

While the female half of the audience (and to be honest, most of the male) is crazy about Hollywood hunk Tom hardy, he considers himself far from ideal. Last night on the TV channel launched a British historical drama series “Taboo,” in which hardy played a major role.

Том Харди не считает себя секс-символом
The tape consists of eight series and tells the story of the swindler-adventurer James Delaney, who returned from Africa to the UK to avenge for looking at father. Ten years James spent in the wild country, learned a lot and learned a lot, now his enemies will have hard times. That tempered work on the film “the Survivors” in which he played the main villain, gladly agreed to a new interesting film project.

In an interview with the Mail On Sunday, hardy admitted that he does not understand the General enthusiasm regarding their appearance.
“My arms are like pencils, crooked teeth, thick legs..” says Tom, an abscess in the compliments.
Describing his new character, hardy called him “a noble, arrogant, opportunistic, immoral, ethical, thoughtful, mystical, injured, primitive..”. Multi-faceted personality in one word. Looking forward to the show in our teleheath.