Авраам Руссо продаёт дом в Подмосковье

Famous Russian singer Avraam Russo is experiencing financial problems. In the close environment of the artist talking about the fact that the crisis has affected the welfare of Rousseau, the number of performances decreased significantly, the new songs the singer releases, and the old audience and not too willing to hear. That though somehow to replenish the purse, Abraham put up for sale your house in the suburbs.

The official reason for the sale of the mansion in New Veshki – unnecessary. Allegedly, Rousseau and so rarely comes to Russia, and most of the time he and his family live in America, in new York, at the same time, the contents of a large house is costly. Per month for the maintenance of the house Abraham had to pay about one hundred thousand rubles. On the plot there is also the pride of the singer – a family Church with all sorts of artifacts and rare icons. If you believe the rumors, Russo is even part of the chiton of the Lord and part of the crown of thorns.