Том Хэнкс расскажет о президентской гонке Трампа и Клинтон

Tom Hanks once to stay at home and suffer from idleness. Soon the actor will star in the new film by Steven Spielberg where you will learn about the events before the war in Vietnam. Today it became known that Hanks also wants to tell the recent history of America, more precisely about the events that changed its course.

The HBO dramatic miniseries takes off where the events will develop around the election of the 45th President of the United States.

Hanks takes on the production function. The Director’s chair is Jay roach, who has already had experience with similar stories. In 2012, on the screens out his film “Game change” with Julianne Moore and woody Harrelson, also dedicated to the elections, in which President became the first African-American Barack Obama.

The basis for the scenario will serve as a book writers Mark Halperin and David Heilemann “Game change”, which describes already third presidential election in the United States.

Work on the series is just beginning, because it started should not be expected before 2018.