Фестиваль группы Gorillaz пройдёт в июне в парке развлечений

The virtual British band Gorillaz announced their own music festival, which was called “Demon Days”. Newspaper the Independent reports that a musical event, named in honor of the band’s second album, will be held at the British amusement Park Dreamland Margate June 10.

While it is known that at the moment, Gorillaz is the only band specified in the application, but the organizers hope to attract other groups. Today you can buy tickets to the festival and the live broadcast will lead Redbull TV.
We will remind that last time the band performed in 2011, presenting to the public their album “the Fall”, and in 2015, Blur frontman Damon Albarn and artist Jamie Hewlett are working on a new album, due out later this year.
The band Gorillaz is a virtual band, invented Alburnum. Hewlett is coming up with images and animation. With the band at the time, collaborated Nene cherry, Mos Def,Snoop Dogg, Lou reed and other artists.