Том Хэнкс сделал подарок журналистам Белого дома

Very original supported journalists of the White house, Hollywood actor Tom Hanks. The famous actor gave the staff of the White House Press Corps the machine. I must say that this is the third machine for making coffee, which is the star of “Green mile” and “Forrest Gump” gives the journalists the organization.

For the first time Tom sent the machine to the press corps of the White house in 2004 during the reign of George W. Bush.
“I hope that this machine will do a 24-hour cycle of news a bit more pleasant,” read the accompanying note. In 2010, one of the journalists once mentioned that the car was donated by the artist, is broken. A week had passed, as Tom has corrected it, sending the new device.
This time the machine was attached to the note That asked journalists to “continue to fight for truth, justice and the American way. Especially for the truth.”
It is no secret that the new President of the United States Donald trump is not very smooth relations with journalists. This story continue with the presidential campaign of Republican. The controversial utterances of the odious politician suddenly got on the first page of publications and is often accompanied by unflattering comments, for this he was resentful and now, after winning the election, made the communication with reporters to a minimum.