Priscilla Presley spoke about the status granddaughters amid the scandal

Присцилла Пресли рассказала о состоянии внучек на фоне скандала

The daughter of legendary musician Elvis Presley Lisa Maria Presley in the summer of last year decided to divorce her husband. The woman filed the appropriate documents to the court, but the trial wasn’t expecting it dragged on for months. One of the reasons was the child support that her husband Michael Lockwood demanded. Argument men was that he is unemployed, and Presley earns enough to support yourself and him.

Later, on the computer Lockwood Presley found the racy photos and videos of their 8-year-old daughters, Harper and Finley. With such a find Lisa-Marie called the police, and then Michael had taken all the devices for testing.

Children Lisa-Marie handed her mom Priscilla Presley. Thus the daughter of Elvis wanted to protect their babies from unnecessary injury. Now, what about this situation now says their grandmother, 71-year-old Priscilla: “They are in a family environment. Visit with me and will remain with me for nine months. I feel well – their life is perfect. They see both parents, and we are watching to see what happens.”

The widow of Elvis says that now in the press quite a lot of speculation about what is happening in their family, because it is not necessary to believe every message. However, checks are conducted, and the decision will be made in the near future: “In this very personal case, we consider several possible scenarios. There are a lot of rumors and speculation, which is typical for stories like this. The circumstances of the incident are still unclear. We’re trying to figure it all out with dignity and precision, especially in relation to children.”