“Today I am 30 years old!” Dmitry Malikov marks an important date

«Мне сегодня 30 лет!» Дмитрий Маликов отмечает важную дату
The singer celebrates the anniversary of its creative activity.

Photo: Instagram

Dmitry Malikov today marks an important date. The singer — the 30th anniversary of creative activity. He said this to his fans in his personal blog and shared several archival photographs from the beginning of his musical career.

Malik still has not changed himself, unlike many of their peers. He still wears long hair, which, however, do not differ in such pomp as before. Who’s to blame — age, a shampoo that the singer advertised or fashion trends — Dmitry said.

Malikov seriously began to study music at the age of 15. Prior to that, he, of course, went to music school, piano class, went to school at the Moscow Conservatory (graduated at the age of 19, already a star). The first songs recorded Malikov is “sun city”, “I’m painting” (performed by VIA “Gems”, where Dmitry was a keyboard player), “House on a cloud” (it was sung Larisa Dolina). In 1988 his songs “Moon dream”, “You’ll never be mine” and “tomorrow” in their own performance hits. He was awarded the title “discovery of the year” in the prestigious at the time of the award “Sound track”. And in 1990, he gave his first solo concert in “Olympic”… Since then, Malikov with the stars of Olympus has not gone down.

2018 was for Malikov generally very significant. First, in January, was born his long-awaited son, who was named mark. In February, my daughter Stephanie is 18 years old and she has officially entered adulthood. And now Dmitry is celebrating an important milestone in his artistic career. Malikov is now busy preparing for her solo concert, which will be held in November in Crocus.

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