Tobey Maguire has announced that divorces his wife

Тоби Магуайр объявил, что разводится с женой
The actor has decided to part with his wife after 9 years of marriage.

Tobey Maguire and Jennifer Maeyr


The news
the fact that the star of the film “spider-Man”, 41-year-old actor Tobey Maguire has decided
to complete your marriage was all a complete surprise. Toby and his wife
made about this official statement, which, however, did not
clear up the main mystery: why, in fact, they decided to divorce. ”
after much deliberation, we decided to stop being married
couple. But we, no doubt, will be faithful and responsible parents, and
our main objective will continue to be the joint care of our children in the spirit
love, respect and friendship!” — announced Maguire.

a turn of events nobody expected. The fact that Toby and his wife Jennifer
Mayer was one of those rare Hollywood couples about marriage which neither
never had any rumors. They were considered a model couple, and like all
seemed to be quite happy. The only drawback Maguire was
would consider his passion for the game of poker, but his passion he was able
to keep under control. He was considered a wonderful father and never allowed himself no
one affair, in any case, gossip about anything like this.

Toby and
Jennifer met in 2004, when he starred in the movie Seabiscuit at Universal studios, whose President was at that time the girl’s father — Ron Meyer. Two years later, the lovers announced their engagement,
however, the wedding of Toby and Jennifer played only after the birth in 2007 of her daughter ruby. A couple of years, the family added another child — son Otis.
Spouse Maguire repeatedly said how happy she managed
to realize themselves not only in family life but also in profession: she became a successful designer-jeweler. And here
now her marriage is over.