Ждать или нет? Анна Банщикова раскрыла секрет третьего сезона «Ищейки»
The actress has encouraged fans.

Anna Banshchikova and Dmitry Miller in the TV series “Bloodhound”

Photo: courtesy of the organizers of the event

Recently on the First channel showed the last episode of the second season of “the Seeker.” The laws of the genre, the storyline of the detective ended on a cliffhanger. In anticipation of the continuation, the fans filled the leading lady — Anna Banshikova issues. “And the third season will be?”, “Anna you can’t keep… Very interested to know when will the sequel,” wrote Bandicoot. Recently, the actress finally revealed the truth about the release date of the third season of “Bloodhound”. She did it in a modern format: was the message delivered in a video blog the actress, which she now leads in the Network.

“If you think I forgot to answer you questions about the third season of “Bloodhounds”, then nothing! Answer: a third season has already been filmed and we hope to see him in fall… in September, most likely. So, have a great summer! Love you and see you!” — said Anna.

Fans were happy to hear about the upcoming release of the new season of many beloved TV series. Among other things, to participate in the filming of the continuation of the “Bloodhounds” Anna had to return from maternity leave a month after the birth of her third child.