Timur Kizyakov restored the damaged reputation

Тимур Кизяков восстановил испорченную репутацию
With the presenter dropped the charges.

Timur Kizyakov

Photo: PhotoXpress.ru

Timur Kizyakov shared the good news he was cleared of all charges on suspicion of fraud. The broadcaster attributed the Commission of illegal acts associated with a closed program “While all houses”. Earlier it was reported that Dung allegedly overstated the cost of making stories “rubric you will Have a child”, sponsored from the state budget. The Prosecutor’s office conducted an investigation and found no violations in the actions of Timur, as he reported in social networks.

“Friends, today ninety! Thank you to everyone who believed in us and in us! Russian Prosecutor General’s office revealed violations in the budget funds for the creation of videopasportov orphans in the TV program “While all houses” under the heading “you will Have a baby”. About this informed the official representative of the Prosecutor General of Russia Alexander Kurennoy,” Dung wrote.

Fans were pleased that the reputation of Timur, who for many years engaged in charity, is finally restored. Meanwhile, it was after the beginning of this scandal Dung lost my job on the First channel. Leadership “home button” has terminated a contract with him. Later he settled on the channel “Russia” the show “When all the houses”. While not reported, whether there will be “reanimated” the heading of the orphans.