Тимур Еремеев категорически против эксгумации тела Спартака Мишулина The actor believes it is immoral. Karina Mishulina talked about the fact that they are ready to disturb the grave of his father in order to prove he has nothing to Timur Yeremeyev.
Тимур Еремеев категорически против эксгумации тела Спартака Мишулина

For half a year, Timur Eremeev and Karina Mishulina are unable to resolve the conflict. The actress was outraged that the man told reporters that he is the son of a famous Soviet actor Spartaka Mishulina. Later, the young woman decided to conduct a DNA examination. To do this, she found a suit of Carlson, in which he played her father. Laboratory experts were able to find biological material to make a test to determine kinship.

Recently, however, Karina said that the results were false, and therefore decided to retest it in Sweden. Moreover, she even talked about having to take desperate measures – exhumation. Spartak Vasilyevich was buried 12 years ago. Timur Eremeev admitted that he considered such a blasphemous action.

“Disgusting and immoral”, – commented the illegitimate son of Mishulina.
Тимур Еремеев категорически против эксгумации тела Спартака Мишулина

Also the actor believes that his conflict with his sister will end soon, and therefore believes that viewers will see not a single issue talk shows. Male is concerned, how do you respond to his mother Tatiana. In his opinion, it is unusual to appear in front of cameras and become the object of increased public attention.

“She’s in the hospital, she has health problems, but nothing serious. All right already, but it is unpleasant. The emergence of mothers in the public space – but it was necessary as a response to some questions that were asked, she didn’t really want,” admitted Eremeev.

Before the new year, Karina and Timur met in the Studio of the talk show, where he read the manuscript of the play, which was written Spartak Mishulin. Now he is thinking about how to present the statement to the audience. The actor admitted in an interview with “7 days” that reflects on it.

“The desire and the opportunity is there, but not immediate. It’s child’s play, but it’s a slapstick, a farce, but shows quite the right thing. It says original language of what is good, what is bad. To put it would be cool, but there are nuances. I do not know, do not break until what happens, happens,” said Eremeev.