Timothy was awarded the Olga Buzova unpleasant title

Тимати наградил Ольгу Бузову неприятным титулом
After Olga Buzova got a cherished plate on MU TV, she found, what has now become a real “Princess of show business,” but Timothy gave her another title.

Тимати наградил Ольгу Бузову неприятным титулом

In that time, between Timothy and Armand by Davletyarova burst into a verbal altercation about the award, his “two cents” I decided to insert and Olga Buzova. Read what these two write to each other in social networks, she concluded that Timothy is jealous of the fact that she got a plate. But he is not, and as reported in his instagram.

Such stupidity is quite in the style of Olly, who believes that it is around it revolves the whole world and only she could cause differences among men.

Тимати наградил Ольгу Бузову неприятным титулом

Her “abusefree” fans immediately began to admire her brave post, and someone even remembered that now Timothy during performances uses a gesture that uses their favorite Olya.

Learning of this, Timothy could not keep silent and said, what makes this gesture even before it showed “you little brat plywood Buzova”.

It seems a very accurate description for Oli buzovoy.

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