Timothy refused to get my car out of impound

Тимати отказался забирать свою машину со штрафстоянки
The rapper found the missing 14 years ago car.

Photo: @Instagram Timati timatiofficial

Timothy shared a funny story about how he found his went missing 14 years ago car. It turned out that all this time the private car of the rapper stood impounded in Petropavlovsk. But take away his “iron horse” Timothy, as it turned out, now not going. Now, according to him, he is simply not needed.

“Confirm, indeed, about 14-15 years ago I was the owner of the car. But due to his own negligence (threw in the yard on the 4th of the month in the snow) the car “picked up”. I have no one, absolutely no claims, and had let go of the whole situation. Thank God I was fortunate to work on a speciality and to be able to provide themselves with all types of vehicles today. In view of this, asked local media not to exaggerate this theme! I am ready to sign all the papers for the disposal. Asking the head of an impound lot in the city of Petropavlovsk to arrange urgent sale the car and send the proceeds to a needy orphanage or the Hospice of your city!” — written by Timothy.

Members of the contractor have responded positively to his desire to give the proceeds from the sale of cars to charity. That’s just the penalty for possession of a car for 14 years in the Parking lot most likely long ago exceeded the cost of the machine itself.