Timothy grows from a two year old daughter who is an Olympic champion

Philip recently admitted to reporters that their children – Alla-Victoria and Martin – he sees in the sport, because is going to help them achieve a certain height. In particular the daughter of the singer sees in rhythmic gymnastics. Now, at least Alla-Victoria, there was a competitor – daughter of Timothy, Alice. As it turned out, the rapper, who is still a Tomboy raised the baby, gave her up for the girly sport is also gymnastics and even helps her performing stunts.

Video of how Timothy and Alice are engaged in a hall, shared the mother of rapper Simona Yunusova.

“The tour is over… Tomorrow is Your Start and Your “Olympus”!!! You surely will win, otherwise it can not be!))) Our whole family is with you and for you… good Luck Dad, see you tomorrow!!!” — signed movie Simon.

Subscribers fans of Simone and Timothy was like a family idyll, making the post gathered a lot of “likes” and comments.


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